About Us






Who are we?

We, Lotta and Mads, started the shop Looma4Sports in early 2022. We have worked alot in our lives and then we went off sailing around the world for 5 years and when COVID hit we came back to Europe. After years of sailing in the sunny and warm part of the world we decided to stay in the sun and settled down by the sea in the southern part of Portugal on the coase of Algarve.

We are both very active people and have been so our whole lives. Toghether you could say that there are few sports and activites that we have not tried out.  Through life we have tried out and practiced running, hiking, sailing, canoeing, biking, diving, tennis, padel, squash, gymnastics, badminton, dancing, Zumba, fitness group classes, weight lifting, swimming, yoga and more. We love the outdoor life and this is why we have chosen to live here in the southern part of Portugal. Being from the cold north of Europe with the long and dark winter periods and to come here and find the light of the southern part of Europe and the possibility to perform outdoor activites all year around was a true feeling of happiness! Especially after our years of sailing!


When we moved to Portugal, we were introduced to the game of padel and were as many others, immediately hooked. Only, the possibilites to buy the gear and equipment needed for playing padel and other activities in this area were very limited and the clothing was the items most difficult to find. Mads has also over time developed athritis in his knee that almost prevented him from playing and times were really sad. He then got a tip from a friend that also is a surgeon to order a knee brace online all the way from Sweden. And so he did and this brace allowed him to continue playing padel and times were happy again. These two things, lack of activewear and good support and braces started the process of the idea of starting our own sports shop.

What do we want?

We want to give you, our customer, the best experience and possibilities to be active and to stay active! At LOOMA4SPORTS we aim to offer the best products and equipments that you may need for a variety of sports and for all kind of movements. Our products are attractive and of high quality brands. Always carefully choosen and our own first choice!